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in Latin "Orare" - a verb "Pray".

"Ora pro eis" ( "Pray for them" )

"Hora" - is a type of circle dance 

found in different cultures and rituals.

from ancient Greek χορός (Horos)

- "group dance"


"Ghoro" - dates back to the Indo-European

language - is the group of singers -

"Chorus" - in english.

Performing, Contact Improvisation,

Ecstatic Dance, Prehistoric music,

Vocal-gestural communication Projects,


Dancing in the snow

Human is a beautiful drawing of water flowing always in movement. It changes its structure and form by effect of mental, spiritual and physical experiences. When it comes all together raising in hight frequency of freeness and peace, it plants the seed.

Снимок экрана 2019-12-09 в 2_edited_edited.jpg
Снимок экрана 2019-12-09 в 3.25.52.png

It is up to you to water that seed to grow.


Being called and reaching anywhere in the world to be able to make a portrait, a dress,

a dance or a song is the way in which I water mine. 

Now we can take ourselves hand by hand through dance, clothes, portraits, poetry, music.

Our existence, acceptance, silence lead us to the path.


 Dress Improvisation Peoples Performance


We are all connected, yes, we really do.
Like snow we melted, changing skin
that is always you.


Immersive theatre starts - we dress, we dance,
no roll, no public behind - we sing, we talk, 
we play, we live without time.
in present moment space is blind 
the only rule is freeing your divine.


Drop the judgment toward me,
Drop it away from you,
With compassion we fit together in one shoe.


Fly as you know.

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