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Light: Приветствие



in Hebrew "OR" -אור - means "Light".

In English "ORA" is perceived like "Aura".  


Aura, an invisible energy surrounding a living creature.

Soul, the etheric essence of light. ​

"ORA Portrait" makes soul visible.



feel the vibe of our light

ORA Portrait studies different aspects of human's light.

There is a special space where we share those lights, our energies,

our feelings and sensations giving us a chance to become a mirror of the divinity we have within.

That space is a beautiful vessel for our souls that spread colours into the portrait. 


Portraits session in real time, virtual time or by photo. Shipping all global

20 minutes Portrait

20 min |  Donation 40 €

immerse into beauty 

Express portrait used in celebrations, events, marriages, parties.

Techniques: watercolour - acrylic - pensil - ink - pastells - markers.

Portrait can be done everywhere

70 minutes Portrait

70 min |  Donation 100 €

immerse into light

Technique: oil - acrylic - pastel - watercolour - ink - mixed

Portrait can be done everywhere.

180 minutes Portrait

180 min |  Donations 240 € 

immerse into wisdom

Technique: oil - acrylic - pastel - watercolour - ink - mixed. 

Portrait can be done everywhere.

Timeless Portrait

1 month - 3 months | Donation 1.500 - 5.000 €

immerse into spirit

Technique: oil - acrylic - pastel - watercolour - ink - mixed. 

Portrait can be done everywhere.

Teaching Portrait Courses

60 min | Donation 50 €

immerse into ether

The teaching is based on the research named "ORASCOPE", for any age and level. 

Painting the portrait through looks, singing, dancing, playing, memories, making a dress, enjoying together - is the journey. The experience of achieving the Portrait is the goal.

The teaching evolves the skills to recognise feelings, thoughts, body movements, situations. See human colours or light frequencies.

The purpose of the teaching is to be yourself and accept it. Enjoy creating Portraits. 

Teaching can be done anywhere.

You are light. Keep this always present


For events - single/couple/kids portrait: the 5-20 min session

Masquerade ball - Hotel Ca Sagredo, Venice

Christmas week - Hotel Londra Palace, Venice

Carnival in Venice - cafe Florian, Venice

Venice Fashion Week, ScalaMatta gallery, 

VISIONI ALTRE gallery, Venice

Educational course "Out of Fashion IV» Ass.Connecting cultures, Milan 

Conference The Junction Annual 2018: Plurality, COSMO HOTEL PALACE, Milan

Performance Association Rondine Citadel of peace, Arezzo

Psychological training with Angela Eser, Moscow

Raddison boat, Moscow 

Ksenia Ridolfi Weddings company, Como

Kids Festival “Inside Art” NGO BarchettaBlu, Venice 

BIAS Biennale Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea Sacra e delle Religioni dell'Umanità, Venice, Padua


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