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the way I feel beauty


behind the sight

Lost in Venice, without knowing anyone, without money, I found my new name -"Ora". 

It has many different meanings in many different languages. I found a name that kips all my origins together.  Everyday I discover new meanings of my name, meeting people and their traditions around this beautiful world. 


I decided to bring this meanings all together in one vessel and plant them. 

Now they are growing trees called "ORASCOPE". Each tree gives its own fruit.





ORASCOPE has four main rivers:

Light:  "OR" -  in Hebrew  - אור 

Portrait reveal the Light of the Soul.

Skin: "OR" - in Hebrew עור 

Habitus models the Skin of the Body

Pray:  "Orare" - is a verb in Latin

Performance is the Pray of the Spirit.

Time: "Ora" - in Greek ώρα 

Entanglement Fashion is a trip around the world, where the Mind is beyond Time.

is the Map that guides us to observe

the treasure within ourselves.

Ora offer collaborations and projects based on the artistic philosophy "ORASCOPE".



“ I am Ora, a being of light. I am visiting this beautiful Earth since 1990.

I come from Russia, where since I was a child I studied theatre, dance, music, clothing and painting. I spent all my childhood painting faces everywhere. I still hear the voices of my parents shouting: "Do not paint on the walls of the house!" :) 

I would like to be able to arrive even if only for a moment to each soul of every person and to be able to whisper:

"If you do not love yourself, who can do it?"

Bringing some light and planting the seed of inner peace within yourselves is my mission.

It is up to you to water that seed to grow.

Traveling anywhere in the world to be able to make a portrait, a dress or a dance to perform life is the way in which

I water mine ."


Ora grows with intercultural and artistic education. From childhood studied theatre, dance, music, painting. Formed her professional and artistic skills as a costume and fashion designer in The State University in Moscow and Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome.


Lived and shared 2 years with people coming from conflict areas all over the world.  At the association Rondine Cittadella della Pace in Arezzo she discovered that she could make a small contribution to world peace through clothes and art.

Completed the internship in the style office of Alberta Ferretti (AEFFE SPA) and in "DYLOAN" studio & bond factory (manufacturing and production for luxury companies in America and Europe, including Ralph Lauren, Prada, Dior, Chanel, Valentino and others)

The research journey for peace in the Holy Land named “Social Fashion Project” 2016-2017, organised with another group of artists selected. Wearing the diversity of cultures, intertwining the cultural heritage of different peoples. Now this project have a new name "Entanglement Fashion". 

Awarded in Campidoglio in Rome - the What's up Young Talents Award - Minerva. Prize for social impact through Fashion research project.

She volunteered in the prison in South Italy - Lecce - for the MADE IN CARCERE brand. During one month she was creating accessories and clothes together  with jailed women and men. Now work in Fashion and Art industry.

Two years experienced the artistic residency in Venice at the studio of Michal Meron ScalaMatta gallery at the jewish ghetto.

Her work supported by Cittadellarte Foundation by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

With serenity all experiences become a transparent refuge of light, time, skin and pray - "Ora"



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