wisdom & wear

in Greek "Ora" - ώρα - means "Time".

We are all connected.

Air, water, plants, mountains, lakes, animals, humans... 

Travel among people's traditions, wisdoms and arts, discovering the meaning of the shape of a dress, the meaning of the colors of an artisan crafts.


What is the hidden knowledge of the ornaments and forms of the accessories; why they can effect so much the life and the behaviours for us and for the others.


We weave this knowledges, sewing minds, souls, spirits, lights, wisdoms.

Respecting every single particle to create the universal habitus - all together. 

Entanglement fashion

Heritage Research Trip

It is ethical and aesthetical knowledges that make us where and what we are. 

They both lay equal on the balance plates. 

Becoming our mission and philosophy.


We offer you the opportunity to become the master of yourself


Professional and Personal improvement

We exsplore places around the world, meeting people who preserve and use their ancient cultural and spiritual traditions and who are glad to share them with us.


Act and Smile improvement

The spirit of our travel is to experience peace, evolve, interacting with people, learning life through beauty, joy and acceptance.


The better you know other living creatures and their habitat - the better you know yourself.


Compassion improvement

We survive disappearing knowledges trough our products.

We support and buy their products, helping them to keep their beautiful stories alive.


Creativity improvement

Creative process is a special unique time we will spend sharing what we have learned and felt as a pure energy of love giving. It is the ultimate process product, marketing

We are evolving into new beings who have learned to feel the whole Universe.

Together with